Don’t Get a Flu Shot, Get Silver. Here’s Why.

It’s October and cold and flu season is rapidly approaching.  I have over heard many people say they are specifically NOT getting a flu shot this year.  You can probably guess that I feel the same way.  I suspect that if the brutal winter that I hear is being predicted arrives and brings with it half an office hacking up lungs, some may waver on their decision.  I say, ” stay strong and get silver!”




What is it and how does it work?


Silver Sol (a new patented formula designed to eliminate toxicity issues) functions as a non-toxic internal antimicrobial or external disinfectant that is delivered to the site requiring treatment via one or a combination of three separate delivery systems:  liquid, topical gel and aerosolized.  SilverSol uses three primary mechanisms for action:


I.  Silver Oxide


II.  Resonance


III.  Magnetic viral DNA disruption


Silver Oxide:  Silver oxide kills bacteria on contact by pulling one electron from atoms comprising the bacterial cell membrane, thereby rupturing the bacterial cell.


Resonance:  Silver sol resonates at 890-910 terahertz- the same antimicrobial frequency used in “blue” germicidal laboratory lights.  Silver sol nano-paritcles are small enough to enter and rupture host cells via resonant frequency without additional risk of exposure to the surrounding tissue.


Magnetic Viral DNA Disruption:  Viruses consist of a capsid that contains incomplete DNA segments.  The silver sol particle is engineered with an opposite charge that attracts the viral DNA and mechanically interferes with the ability of viral DNA to replicate.  “Healthy” DNA does not contain a magnetic charge and remains unaffected by the charge of the Silver Sol.



Silver Sol destroys bacteria (at least 143 different types), viruses, fungi and other microbes.


Silver Sol destroys MRSA, SARS, Malaria, Anthrax, gram negative bacteria, gram positive bacteria, and viruses including hepatitis C, HIV, and influenza.


Silver Sol can be used as an internal and external disinfectant because it passes through the body unchanged, producing no dangerous metabolites and is 99 percent cleared by the next day.


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