Ever Wonder Why Diets Fail?

The origins of obesity related problems are metabolic in nature and stem from imbalances in our intestinal bacteria which in turn lead to an overactive immune system.  These bacteria are highly malleable. Directs rich in fiber and colored fruits and vegetables foster a microbial mileu that favors fat burning.  In contrast, poor food choices initiate a cascade of events that lead to inflammation and disturbances in blood sugar and fat metabolism,precursors to obesity, insulin resistance, cardio vascular disease and diabetes.

The millions of bacteria residing in our intestines lie at the interface between two integrated body systems-the metabolic and the immune-that simultaneously go awry as the pounds accumulate.  You can think of this relationship between these two seemingly  detached yet highly amalgamated systems as being like our government’s economic and defense systems.  When the bad guys threaten us, our country spends more money to bolster its defenses.  If your diet leads to proliferation of bad guy bacteria, your body must reallocate cellular energy to combat the harmful organisms.

This defense mechanism comes at a hefty price.  Immune cells congregate in areas of the body that are vital to metabolism, such as the liver and fat tissue, where they pivot metabolism away from fat burning in favor of sugar burning.  The result is low grade inflammation and insulin resistance, leading to obesity and eventually chronic disease.

Needless to say, the old calories in calories out or low fat method for weight management are completely useless if not detrimental to those seeking a healthy metabolism.  Can you loose weight with packaged meals and support groups?  Yes.  Can you keep it off?   Statistics say no and you will likely rebound with an even greater weight gain.  I believe the answer is in knowledge.  When I understand WHY something is the way it is, I find it easier to make a commitment to the system and therefore achieve greater success.  For this reason, I teach the IN.FORM program.  I love it because it really hits all the bases by addressing every aspect from detox, metabolism reset, satiety, hormone regulation, lifestyle modification, and emotional  as well practical knowledge support.

Don’t just lose weight, change your life by taking control of your health.  IN.FORM is just the first phase of a lifetime habit of health.  Be on the lookout for my blueprint for brilliant health presentations.  Here, you will get a broader picture of how attainable vitality can be.


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